CAMMUS Pro Bundle | WheelBase + Racing Wheel

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CAMMUS Direct Drive Wheelbase | Racing Simulator

Accurate Force Feedback, fast adjustments and a powerful Direct Drive motor will bring you closer than ever before to a real racing experience. Compatible with PC only.

Maximum torque = 15Nm

Providing a high torque output allows the motor acceleration and speed to remain at the highest level, even with heavy racing wheels.

Direct Drive System

Accurate, sensitive and direct steering response. Wireless data and power to the CAMMUS steering wheels enable unlimited rotation of the steering wheel. The firmware can be updated via the CAMMUS app or Desktop software to enable new features. The Wheelbase allows connections of CAMMUS shifters and handbrakes.

Servo Motor

The servo motor is optimised for racing simulator applications and can quickly calculate the output of fixed angle, speed, and torque in any racing scenario. The servo motor meticulously controls the speed and position, in response providing an accurate and precise experience.

Real Racing Experience

Adopting a direct drive system, a more sensitive and direct steering response can be obtained; The force feedback of the steering wheel will be direct, fast, and as close to the real racing experience as possible.

Plug and Play

Easy installation, quick to remove, and supports diversified peripherals.

APP adjustment

The intelligent APP allows easy control with on the fly adjustments in game. Dial in those settings and quickly change between saved profiles.


CAMMUS provides a 1 year Warranty for all of their product range.

CAMMUS Racing Simulator Racing Wheel with Button Box

Premium Comfort
Premium PU leather for ultimate comfort during long duration racing, ergonomic design to reduce fatigue and increase ease of use, aesthetic yellow stitching and a strong brushed metal backing.

Impeccable functionality
CAMMUS highly functional racing wheel includes a button box with: 4 LED Push buttons, 2 rotary switches, 2 lever switches and 2 premium carbon fibre paddle shifters. There is even room to add your own central horn button.

Ultimate Convenience
This CAMMUS wheel also includes a robust quick release for easy on-off applications.



Technical files

CAMMUS WheelBase Instruction Manual

CAMMUS WheelBase Mounting Template

CAMMUS Racing Wheel Instruction Manual 

CAMMUS Windows Desktop Software

CAMMU Racing Simulator Drive 1.3.15

What's in the box?

CAMMUS WheelBase

1x CAMMUS 15NM WheelBase

1x Power unit

1x Australian plug connector

1x USB A - USB B cable

5x M6 Screws

5x Flat washers

5x Spring washers

CAMMUS Racing Wheel

1x CAMMUS Steering Wheel Rim

1x CAMMUS Button Box Base 

1x CAMMUS Quick Release

1x CAMMUS Blank Cap

6x Countersunk Hex Screws

1x Hex Key